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Month: February, 2014

Practice O

One of the things I did early in my Zen practice was write down the Eightfold Path (or rather, my transliterinterpretation of it) on a sheet of paper. I folded the paper three times, so that each leg of the path was on it’s own eighth. I would keep it with me and tried to memorize it.

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Haiku S

rosy dawn backlight
of a city still glowing
from a pure, dark night.

Politics OO

Anti-theists believe religion is the problem. Libertarians believe government is the problem. Populists believe corporations are the problem. But they’re all wrong. People are the problem. Give them power in religion, government, or a corporation, and they will likely abuse that power. Especially since the path to getting such power is biased toward those who will abuse it.

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