by zenquaker

I am pleased to announce the release of the The 2014 Craig Report (Year 44). This is my first quantified (and qualified) self report, hopefully followed by a more detailed one next year, and many more in the years to come. The executive summary is duplicated below, the details (with graphs) are in the link.

This is a report on the qualitative and quantitative self information for the 44th year of Craig William “Ichabod” O’Brien. It covers the period from February 26th, 2013 through February 25th, 2014.

Personally there was progress for Craig on several fronts. The move toward vegetarianism continues slowly, as planned. Sugary, caffeinated drinks were eliminated from the diet. The long term obsession with quantitative self culminated in the production of this first ever annual report. To top it all off, Craig finally obtained the motorcycle he’s wanted since he was told he couldn’t have one as a teenager. Ironically, minimal progress was made on the minimalism front.

Professionally, Craig remains stagnant. He is still in the same position, although with the move of his division to the fifth floor he got a window cubicle. Two promotion opportunities presented themselves this year. However, due to factors unrelated to his job performance, Craig did not get either position. Craig has channeled his frustration into side projects at work; including the developing a SAS data set style object for Python and the beginnings of Obsessive Compulsive Productivity (OCP).

Quantitatively Craig needs to improve his data collection, mainly at work. His exercise for the year was scattered and chaotic, as expected. However, his time spent meditating was far below expected, and needs improvement. The motorcycle is doing well, and while there are data collection problems in terms of that area, there is little that can be done with them.