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Method O

It’s new habit time again, and this month’s habit is going to be collecting data on my moods. Remember, I’m alternating data collection habits with other habits for the rest of the year, so that I can be full on self quantifying by 2013. So how do you quantify moods, which are inherently subjective?

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Analysis OOOO

My first month of quantified self data collection is finished. This was data collected on my first month of getting my exercise habit back in gear. My exercise regime has been pushups, modified crunches, and bicycle riding. I took data on all three, plus my weight and my pulse before and after exercise.

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Fumble OS

I’m giving up on Chess.

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Movie Review DDDS

The Adventures of Tintin

Intrepid reporter Tintin buys a model ship for a pound at a flea market. He is almost immediately pestered by multiple people who want the ship really badly. Smelling a good story he does some research, learning of Sir Francis Haddock and the lost treasure of the Unicorn. But he back home and find his flat ransacked, the model ship gone. But the thieves don’t have what they want, so they kidnap him and sail off with him. But with the help of his dog Snowy, he escapes, and finds the last descendent of Sir Francis Haddock. Together they escape and set off to find the lost treasure of the Unicorn.

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Movie Review DDDOS


A brutal virus sweeps through Scotland. In a panic, the British quarantine the entire north, leaving the people to die. But three years later the Reaper virus comes back, this time in the cramped slums of London, now behind dikes to hold back the rising sea. A team of commandos heads into the quarantine zone to search for the notes of the doctor who was on the verge of a cure. But it’s a race against time, and if they don’t get the cure quickly London will be flooded to contain the spread.

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Dream SO

I’m coming back to work from China Express and I see Tall Needle talking to two very pretty black women outside the office building. I want to know if it’s possible to beat someone to death with a lady’s boot. I go up to the ladies and say hello to Tall Needle, and she introduces me to the other women. I am forced to engage with some small talk with them before I can ask about the beating me to death with their boots. As I ask the question I check out their boots, which all have big, clunky soles and heels, not the spiked heels I was expecting. Tall Needle makes a lame excuse and leaves without answering the question. I talk to the two black ladies for a little while and head back into the office.

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Amalgamation OOOO

Okay, yeah, I haven’t posted in days. There’s a couple of reasons for that.

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Statement DSOOO

Principle 9: Help Those Who Need to Relieve Suffering (The Need Principle)

By the Good Works Corollary (C3-4) we know that relieving other people’s suffering will help relieve our own. However, as detailed in the Cause Principle (P6), desire is the cause of suffering and fulfilling desire creates more desire. So how do we relieve suffering if the way to do it causes more suffering?

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Application OO

The other day I read a discussion about Blackboard buying out two different companies. I’ve never dealt with Blackboard, but they are apparently a software company making programs for tracking students in educational institutions: entering grades for different courses and that sort of thing. What struck me was one of the comments by a user. The system was apparently a horrible pain in the butt. But two professors at the university were able to make an alternate system that performed all of the functions of the Blackboard system and was easier to use. Deja vu.

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Application O

One of the Chess websites I play on just changed their site design. This spawned so many threads about how bad the new design was and how people wanted the old design back that 8 out of the 10 latest posts were on that topic. But the lie is that they just changed their site. They’ve had the new version of the site in beta for months. There have been links on the old site for the beta version begging you to check it out and give feedback. But now that it’s up everyone is freaking out about it. Why wasn’t I consulted, Why wasn’t I informed? You were, and you blew it off.

This is a pattern I’ve seen before.

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