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Analysis OOOO

My first month of quantified self data collection is finished. This was data collected on my first month of getting my exercise habit back in gear. My exercise regime has been pushups, modified crunches, and bicycle riding. I took data on all three, plus my weight and my pulse before and after exercise.

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Analysis III

This is my 100th post to this blog. When I noticed this was coming (something I never would have noticed on the not-Scottish site where I used to do my blogging), I figured I would just do what everyone was expecting of me: an analytical breakdown of the first 100 posts.

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Analysis II

In following with step 9 from my first truly analyzed Chess game, I shifted my Chess work to address the problems I found with my play. Rather than continue reading my new Chess book (Reassess Your Chess) on Wednesday, I poked around on the internet and found some articles on the thought process in Chess. Today at work I had a lot of test runs to do on my new search program to deal with our new Sharp Floor system (more on that in the next post). While they were running, I did what I probably do best (and like to do most): I analyzed what I had learned about the thought process in Chess.

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Analysis I

So, one of the things everyone tells you to do when you’re studying Chess is to analyze your games. Or as I like to say: The unexamined Chess game is not worth playing. A Turkish player on one of the online asked how do you do that? The obvious solution is to plug it into a computer program and see what it says, but people also generally tell you not to use a computer to analyze your games. I thought, if that’s the negative response, what’s the positive one? What do strong Chess players say you should do to analyze your Chess games? So I did some research.

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