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Amalgamation II

I was walking down the street from the Metro station to work this morning, and I realized I couldn’t find my apple. I’m almost four weeks in to forming the habit of eating an apple every day, and I’ve been wondering if I’m ready to push into the next habit (studying Chess flashcards on the bus). So I’m a bit disturbed that I forgot my apple this morning, although I’m pretty sure I didn’t. I did drop my keys in the Metro station so maybe I dropped my apple somewhere (and thanks again to the guy behind me who saw me drop my keys, picked them up, and gave them back to me). I’m groping around in my pocket in case it’s hidden behind my gloves, patting down my other pockets, trying to figure out where it is. I come to an intersection and I don’t have the walk signal, so I stop and take a bite out of my apple while I think about it. I look down at the half eaten apple that has been in my right hand the whole time and think to myself this is going to be a bad day.

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Habit XIII

Wow! Five days since I last posted, no wonder my views are way down. So, let’s do an update on the habit formation. It sort of feels like the whole habit thing is over because the online course is over. But so far the Simple Method is working, and as long as it keeps working I am going to keep working on forming new habits. I’m assuming that eventually I will run out of room for habits, but I can use the method to change habits around as my life changes, and some of the habits I’m working on will make room for more habits.

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Habit XII

This evening will be one month working on the habit of studying Chess every night after dinner, using the Simple Method from the Habit Course. I’m glad I took the course, even though I don’t think it was really worth the money I spent on it. Thankfully, the money issue is not really bothering me much. So much for that concern.

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Random II

I saw a sign on the Metro that said an apple is better at waking you up than a soda. So now, everyday on the way to work, I have an apple. Then I have a soda.