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Movie Review DDSOOOO


Adam finds out that his lower back pain is in fact a rare cancerous tumor on his spine. His life is thrown for a curve as he tries to deal with it, with the help and hindrance of a smothering mother, a distant girlfriend, a self-centered best friend, an aloof doctor, and a newly minted therapist.

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Statement I

One thing I have been trying to work on, but have been failing to work on, is a document entitled What I Say. The Quaker movement was founded by George Fox. During my early attendance at Charlottesville Friends Meeting, I heard a quote attributed to Fox that really struck me: “You will say Christ saith this, and the apostles say this, but what canst thou say?” I found it to be a powerful call to examine my own beliefs and think for myself. It also resonates with the Buddha’s apocryphal last words: “Be beacons unto yourselves.” While this brought me to think about my beliefs, it didn’t get me to do it in any coherent fashion. Recently I started trying to be more coherent about it, which is how I started to work on What I Say, but work kept stalling out. Sitting here tonight after working on my Chess (23 tactics problems, 19 flash cards, and 13 moves in correspondence games), I realized I had more energy for writing this blog than I did for working on What I Say. The obvious solution was to move What I Say to the blog.

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Quote III

Quote of the day: Cancer cells have figured out how to cheat death in all it’s forms … except one: their host cannot sustain them. (phdcomics)

Now think about what happens when we figure out how to cheat death in all it’s forms.