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Statement VI

Corollary 3-3: Hurting Others Hurts Us (The Hippocratic Corollary)

If all is one (The Unity Principle, P3), then we are one with each other. And if we are one with each other then when we hurt others we are at the same time hurting ourselves. It is one and the same action. As part of my Zen practice I try to pay attention to my life as I live it. When I have done this while hurting others I have seen (really more felt) this equal and opposite reaction in effect. Therefore I try to live in accordance with the Hippocratic oath and “abstain from doing harm.”

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Statement V

Last time I talked about the Unity Principle (P3), that all is really one, and the distinctions we make between individual objects exist only in our mind. This is a pretty big principle and there is a lot that follows from it. This post is about the things that directly follow from it. This post is about two are kind of obvious, but bear mentioning. The next statement post will be about two are not so obvious, but are incredibly important (at least in my belief system).

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Food I

I had an odd little thought after writing the last post. What triggered it was the word count for the last post: 109. It was very close to 108, which is a number of spiritual significance in many eastern traditions. Hindu deities have 108 names, zen prayer beads come in rings of 108, and Huineng tells us that the farther shore (enlightenment) is 108,000 miles away.

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