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Movie Review DDDOOOO

Death Becomes Her

Madeline, a vain and spiteful actress steals yet another boyfriend from Helen (the plain and aspiring writer), sending her into decline as a fat cat lady. But she recovers and a becomes beautiful and successful, sending fear into the aging actress when they meet again. The actress goes to a mysterious address given to her by a spa owner and is given the chance for eternal youth, while the writer steals back her husband and plots to kill her. But eternal youth and death interact in strange ways…

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Movie Review DDSOOOO


Adam finds out that his lower back pain is in fact a rare cancerous tumor on his spine. His life is thrown for a curve as he tries to deal with it, with the help and hindrance of a smothering mother, a distant girlfriend, a self-centered best friend, an aloof doctor, and a newly minted therapist.

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Movie Review DDSOOO

Mars Attacks!

Martians take flight and head to earth. Convinced by a scholarly professor that their intentions are peaceful, the president arranges a meeting. Unfortunately, cultural differences and violence ensue.

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Movie Review XXVI

The Perfect Host

John Taylor is not having the best day of his life. Wounded after a bank robbery, he gets mugged and loses his wallet. Unable to convince an old woman he’s a Jehovah’s Witness, he rifles through some mail and manages to con his way into Warwick Wilson’s dinner party. As it turns out, he picked the wrong dinner party to con his way into.

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Movie Review XXV

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Tom Popper, on the verge of partnership in a prestigious property firm, is presented with a peck of penguins as a paternal inheritance. Primarily he tries to produce a paucity of penguins, but eventually he prefers keeping his peculiar presents.  His professional performance starts to pale, but his penguins persuade his progeny that Popper is perhaps not so perverse and pathetic. Can Popper prevent penguin poaching by a pesky zoo proprietor? Will his plunging perception of property piracy poison his partnership possibilities? Or are the poignant perks of other partnerships preferable? (Thanks to Pippi for help with the summary)

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Movie Review XI


Two British geeks on vacation to Comicon, leave on a road trip to visit the hot spots of USA’s UFO mythology: Area 51, the Black Mailbox, and Roswell. They are fleeing down the highway from what they think is a pair of angry rednecks, but find out after the car chasing them crashes that it is actually an alien named Paul, who has escaped from Area 51. Thus ensues a road trip/chase involving an ill mannered alien, an accidentally kidnapped Christian, her psychotic father, a man in black with two incompetent helpers, and the aforementioned angry rednecks.

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