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Movie Review DDDOOO

Set Up

Three childhood friends get together for their big score: a five million dollar diamond heist. But things go bad when one friend shoots the other two while meeting the fence, leaving them for dead. Of course, one of them isn’t dead, and comes back for revenge.

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Movie Review DDDO

Lucky Number Slevin

After losing his job, his condo, and his girlfriend, Slevin goes to visit his friend Nick Fisher. However, Nick never meets him at the airport, and when Slevin goes to Nick’s apartment, no one is there. Slevin hangs out hoping Nick will show up, but instead two gangsters show up, thinking Slevin is Nick, and suddenly Slevin is forced to kill a man to pay of Nick’s gambling debts.

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Movie Review XVIII

The Sentinel

Veteran Secret Service Agent Pete Garrison is playing fast and loose with the rules. He knows it could get him in trouble, but he doesn’t realize what kind until he gets framed for being a mole within the service. Now he is on the run, trying to find the real mole, while a hotshot investigator with a personal grudge to settle is on his tail.

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Movie Review XXVI

The Perfect Host

John Taylor is not having the best day of his life. Wounded after a bank robbery, he gets mugged and loses his wallet. Unable to convince an old woman he’s a Jehovah’s Witness, he rifles through some mail and manages to con his way into Warwick Wilson’s dinner party. As it turns out, he picked the wrong dinner party to con his way into.

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