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Fumble OS

I’m giving up on Chess.

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Statement XVI

Derivative 11: Letting Go of Desire Relieves Suffering (The Detachment Derivative)

So if we cannot avoid desire (P7, The Desire Principle), and desire causes us suffering (P6, The Cause Principle), how do we put an end to our suffering? Obviously, you have to do something with the desire once you have it. You have to let go of it.

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Statement XV

Principle 7: We Cannot Get Rid of Desire (The Obsession Principle)

Desire is the cause of suffering, so it would seem logical that to end our suffering we should get rid of our desire. But we can’t do that. Desire is integral to who we are. It is so integral to who we are that we wouldn’t even want to get rid of it even if we could.

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Statement IX

Up until now I have been dealing with the existence and nature of God. In some ways, it’s not really important what God is like. When I was first searching for God, I came up with this whole mythology out of whole cloth. It wasn’t a mythology that fit the facts, it was a mythology that fit what I wanted to believe in. It wasn’t long before I realized how empty and hollow that mythology was, and the whole experience left me with a distrust of metaphysics. I used to say (and still do) that you don’t do the right thing because people will like us for it, and you don’t do  the right thing because some old guy will let you live in his garden forever, you do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

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