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Movie Review XIX


There are over 300 registered superheroes in America. Seriously. People who dress up in costumes and go out and fight crime.

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Movie Review XVIII

Reel Injun

A documentary of Native Americans in film, especially Hollywood film, tracing the effect of their cinematic depiction on the perception of their people by broader American culture.

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Movie Review XVII

Bobby Fischer Against the World

Bobby Fischer was a troubled Chess genius, and this move follows him through the stages of his life: his difficult childhood, his meteoric rise as a Chess prodigy, his star status as a Cold War icon and world champion, his reclusive decline, and his eventual status as a wanted fugitive.

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Movie Review XIV

King Corn

Two guys get their hair checked, and find out it’s mostly made out of corn. Perplexed by this, they grow and acre of corn and follow it across America. Sort of. (This is a documentary about the use of corn in the American food supply).

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