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Explanation V

I don’t talk about the specifics of my job much. Mainly that’s because I’m trying to keep people from connecting what I say about my job to my actual job. I’ve had enough trouble with that in the past. But there is something important I need to talk about relating to my job. I work in product safety, mostly with chemical hazards. And I think there is a chemical hazard that the government and the NGOs are not giving enough attention to. That is the hazard of dihydrogen monoxide.

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Book Review V

The Conundrum

by David Owen

The greenest city in the United States is New York City. Local farming is inefficient and bad for the environment. But at the same time increases in efficiency are bad for the environment. Saving money and energy by driving a Prius will probably make you feel justified in driving more, using up the energy you saved. Even if you don’t drive more, the money you save you will use to consume more stuff that will again use up the energy (and other resources) you saved. That’s old news. It’s called the Jevons paradox, and it dates from the 19th century. That is one conundrum in this book, but the real one is that to really save the environment we are going to have to consume less, and that’s the solution we don’t want, can’t sell, can’t pass into legislation, and can’t turn into an international treaty.

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