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Analysis OOOO

My first month of quantified self data collection is finished. This was data collected on my first month of getting my exercise habit back in gear. My exercise regime has been pushups, modified crunches, and bicycle riding. I took data on all three, plus my weight and my pulse before and after exercise.

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Data OOO

I am now one week in to my new exercise habit. As usual, I am starting out small with streching, pushups and crunches. Now that it’s been one week I will ramp it up and add bicycling afterwards. But more importantly, I am also one week into my Quantified Self habit of collecting data on myself.

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Data OO

As I said in my last post, I need to come up with a plan for any new stab at Personal Informatics/Quantified Self. So I looked over what I had done and that gave me an idea of why I failed at the first stab, and how I might succeed this time.

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Habit DSO

I’m now entering the fourth week of working on the habit of playing with my cat Fox in the evening, So I thought I would give an update on my habit formation. In some sense it’s a bit early. Four weeks is a good time to work on an easy habit if there are no problems. However, there were some problems with this one, as I missed a couple days in the second week. However, while I am perhaps not fully trained in this habit, Fox definitely is. He knows that evenings after I work on the computer is play time. If I forget, he makes sure to remind me.

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Statement DSO

Principle 8: The Mind and the Body are One (The Embodiment Principle)

My undergraduate major was in Cognitive Science, the interdisciplinary study of the mind. We had a student led discussion group one semester, and one of the major themes from the group was that you couldn’t study the mind without studying the body.

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Spam OOO

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This week is the last week of my current habit cycle. Currently I’m working on playing a game of Chess every day. That’s working pretty well. I have played every day, and last night I played two games. My opponent challenged me to a rematch after I got a free bishop while simultaneously forking his rook and queen. I thought about saying that I only played one game a night, but that felt rude, and it wasn’t like I didn’t have the time. He had connection problems on the second game, and resigned the game even though it was an even game.

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Habit XV

I have come to a difficult spot in my journey of habit formation. It’s not that I am having (unexpected) trouble with forming a particular habit, it’s more that there is an odd confluence of causes and effects surround the whole plan, and I am not sure how to navigate through them. It started, as I prefer, with stabbing pains in the back. What can I say, I have dark fantasies and most of them involve being stabbed in the back.

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Habit XI

The Chess tactics problems habit is still chugging along after last night. It’s now up to 12 days, 85 minutes, and 146 chess problems. However I’ve been rethinking the long term plan for further habits. The problem is that in the old plan the third habit was changing my sleep patterns. Changing your sleep patterns is something the teachers of the Habit Course consider a hard habit to change. They recommend that you make a few easy habit changes first before tackling the hard ones. Of course, I’ve already conquered the hard habits of quitting smoking and quitting drugs. But that wasn’t using their method, so I’m going to try and stick (generally) to their program.

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Habit X

Pushed my Chess problems up to ten minutes today. I went 12 for 18, which is exactly double what I did yesterday. I looked at the graph of my rating progress for the past week and it was pretty much flat. Which is odd. In the past is has slowly climbed for a long time, then spiked downward (which bothers me and is usually what gets me to stop working on my Chess), and then starts slowly climbing again. Read the rest of this entry »