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Dream S

I screwed up at work so they have me working retail at a convention to make up for it. Our booth is like a yard sale table on the side of Rose Hill Drive, which everyone uses to drive out of the convention. I’m working there with the younger of my two sisters, my brother, and Possible Substance. It’s Possible Substance’s fault that I screwed things up at work, and I’m still mad at him.

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Study I

The way I have been studying is not really working out. This is not a big surprise. I knew when I created the plan that it was perhaps overly detailed and probably more than I could chew. But I thought it was a good plan, and I figured that the best way to find the problems with the plan was to try and actually implement it. So here I am, two months down the road. I think I understand the problem with the plan, and it’s not the one I expected.

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