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Statement IV

Principle 3: All is One (The Unity Principle)

Everything that we think of as separate objects is really one thing. The divisions that exist between different things exist only in our mind. When we can get past the mental constructs that divide our reality, we can see that it is really all one thing.

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Dream III

I got on the elevator in a fancy hotel. I hit the button for the lobby. Under the buttons was a screen that showed different information depending on which button you press. It was showing me the three worst professions in the world. A couple floors later a guy and a girl get on. The guy’s shirt is open half way down, and he’s wearing a wool sport coat. His hair is dark and stylishly long. The woman is beautiful, with short blond hair, and a short, tight, strapless blue dress. They see the screen and joke about lawyers being right at the top.

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