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Random V

As a side note, last night’s experiment with Lactaid didn’t work very well. I normally get diarrhea through the night and into the next day from lactose. I didn’t get that this time (which is good when you have an hour commute with no bathroom), but instead I got a big load of diarrhea right after finishing the ice cream. Better, but not really enjoyable. And certainly not workable in all situations. The last time I had an urge for lactose was on a car ride back from Charlottesville. That would have been a bad time to all of a sudden find out I needed to go really bad.

Experiment I

Actually it’s three experiments.

The first experiment is a failed experiment. Sort of. Maybe more like a learning experiment. Last week I spent the whole week trying to code data about my life. It was a lot harder than I thought. It’s not that actually coding the data is very hard. The systems I have in place make that very easy. What’s hard is to remember to code the data. I was constantly getting somewhere and realizing I’d forgotten to log the trip, or zoning out on what I was doing and not noticing when the cat got off my lap, or forgetting something else I wanted to record. I don’t think this is really a death knell to the concept of quantifying myself, but it’s definitely going to require a rethink. The first rethink is that I should break it down into pieces (log the commute, log other travel, log evening activities, log mood, and so on). Then do them one at a time in the simple habit method. That will build me up until I’m recording everything. Given my other plans for habit formation, this means putting things off for a year or two. But hey, I’ve got another 38 left (or 108 if these guys are right).

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