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Movie Review DDDS

The Adventures of Tintin

Intrepid reporter Tintin buys a model ship for a pound at a flea market. He is almost immediately pestered by multiple people who want the ship really badly. Smelling a good story he does some research, learning of Sir Francis Haddock and the lost treasure of the Unicorn. But he back home and find his flat ransacked, the model ship gone. But the thieves don’t have what they want, so they kidnap him and sail off with him. But with the help of his dog Snowy, he escapes, and finds the last descendent of Sir Francis Haddock. Together they escape and set off to find the lost treasure of the Unicorn.

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Movie Review DDDOS


A brutal virus sweeps through Scotland. In a panic, the British quarantine the entire north, leaving the people to die. But three years later the Reaper virus comes back, this time in the cramped slums of London, now behind dikes to hold back the rising sea. A team of commandos heads into the quarantine zone to search for the notes of the doctor who was on the verge of a cure. But it’s a race against time, and if they don’t get the cure quickly London will be flooded to contain the spread.

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Movie Review DDDOOOO

Death Becomes Her

Madeline, a vain and spiteful actress steals yet another boyfriend from Helen (the plain and aspiring writer), sending her into decline as a fat cat lady. But she recovers and a becomes beautiful and successful, sending fear into the aging actress when they meet again. The actress goes to a mysterious address given to her by a spa owner and is given the chance for eternal youth, while the writer steals back her husband and plots to kill her. But eternal youth and death interact in strange ways…

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Movie Review DDDOOO

Set Up

Three childhood friends get together for their big score: a five million dollar diamond heist. But things go bad when one friend shoots the other two while meeting the fence, leaving them for dead. Of course, one of them isn’t dead, and comes back for revenge.

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Movie Review DDDO

Lucky Number Slevin

After losing his job, his condo, and his girlfriend, Slevin goes to visit his friend Nick Fisher. However, Nick never meets him at the airport, and when Slevin goes to Nick’s apartment, no one is there. Slevin hangs out hoping Nick will show up, but instead two gangsters show up, thinking Slevin is Nick, and suddenly Slevin is forced to kill a man to pay of Nick’s gambling debts.

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Omen OOO

Omen of the Week

We had a strong contender coming right out of the gate this week. I thought for a minute they would be upset by the Belgian copyright holders who want to charge people who read books to children royalties. But that’s just one whack group of Belgians who aren’t getting their way in court.

So this week’s Sign of the Coming Apocalypse is still the MPAA giving an R rating to a documentary about kids who are too young to see an R movie. That’s right. A documentary about bullying going on in schools cannot be shown in the schools where the bullying is going on. Why not? Language. Apparently the MPAA believes that kids are too immature to hear themselves speak. Instead they should toe the MPAA party line that sex is evil and violence is a reasonable way to solve conflicts.

Movie Review DDD

The Thing (2011)

A paleobiologist is asked to come on a hush-hush expedition to a Norwegian scientific outpost in the arctic. When she gets there she finds the Norwegians have not only discovered a 100,000 year old flying saucer, but the frozen remains of one of it’s passengers. Over her protests, samples of the frozen alien are taken before transport to a proper facility. From there things go down hill hard and fast.

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Movie Review DDOD

In Time

Will Salas lives a future where immortality has been conquered, but time is currency. When you turn 25 you get one year to live, and have to earn more time. But for the poor, the harder you work, the more prices go up, and the more you see your friends die. Gifted with a century by a jaded rich man, Salas takes the fight to the immortal rich. The daughter of his main target falls for him, and they go become time bandits for the poor.

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Movie Review DDSOOO

Mars Attacks!

Martians take flight and head to earth. Convinced by a scholarly professor that their intentions are peaceful, the president arranges a meeting. Unfortunately, cultural differences and violence ensue.

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Movie Review XXXII


Jenny Hayden drinks herself to sleep to deal with the pain of her lost husband. While she lies in a stupor, an alien ship hounded by the air force crashes across the lake from her house. The alien pilot comes to Karen Allen’s house, finds some of her husband’s hair kept as a memento, grows a clone of him to inhabit, and forces her to drive him to a rendezvous in Arizona.

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