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Habit XII

This evening will be one month working on the habit of studying Chess every night after dinner, using the Simple Method from the Habit Course. I’m glad I took the course, even though I don’t think it was really worth the money I spent on it. Thankfully, the money issue is not really bothering me much. So much for that concern.

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Amalgamation I

Yeah, I know, I haven’t posted in a while.

It all started Tuesday. It was another rough day at work, frustrations with the new system and little time to deal with it due to other people making demands on my time. Then I got home, meditating on the train on the way, and did my Chess habit. Felt good. But then I went to post it on the Habit Course forums. One of the re.sponses to my post from Monday was just so patronizing that it totally pissed me off. I was trying to get past my anger and make a reasonable response, but I couldn’t separate my anger at the patronizing post from my anger with my frustration with work. I spent a half hour or more trying to form a response before I decided it would be better than I just not respond.

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Relax I

I don’t have a lot to say today, but I felt the urge to post anyway.

The lunacy at work was muted today. They claimed to have fixed some problems overnight. Some of the claims were accurate, some of them weren’t. Some of them were so vague we have no idea whether they were accurate or not. One part of the system was creating events incorrectly. We weren’t sure why they were created, we just knew they shouldn’t have been. The contractors claim they fixed it, but they didn’t bother to tell us what the problem was, so now we don’t know what to check to see if it is still happening. In any case, all the events are still there and have to be cleaned up. Unfortunately, my team leader ignored my suggestion for dealing with the problem, so it’s still there.

But the problems weren’t in my face today. Mostly. So I got some other work done, ignored an impertinent request from another division that turned out to be an attempt to do an end run around my supervisor, and got some programming done. I have my problems with my supervisor, but overall I think she’s a good supervisor. More to the point, she has stuck up for me on more than one occasion. I don’t appreciate people trying to use me against her. But I do appreciate the chance to do some programming. I got past the main roadblock in the overhaul of my search program, which the recent craziness has made so much more critical.

Tonight, I’m just taking it easy. It’s been a long week. There are certain things I would like to get done this weekend, but they can all wait until tomorrow. I had some pasta. I guess I should point out that I recently started making my pasta with ground turkey instead of ground beef. With a little extra spices, it tastes just as good. Plus it makes for a week of meals without red meat: two nights of turkey pasta, two nights of grilled chicken, two nights of frozen pizza with turkey pepperoni, and one night out of fried chicken or fish. I am on the verge of becoming a polloterian. The stress of this week made me break down and get a double pork pizza with onions. Not that I was planning on being strict about the polloterian thing. Other relaxing activities included two episodes of NCIS. I think I may go for a third.

I couldn’t think of the title for the post until I finished it. Now I’ve got Frankie Goes to Hollywood stuck in my head.