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Movie Review DDD

The Thing (2011)

A paleobiologist is asked to come on a hush-hush expedition to a Norwegian scientific outpost in the arctic. When she gets there she finds the Norwegians have not only discovered a 100,000 year old flying saucer, but the frozen remains of one of it’s passengers. Over her protests, samples of the frozen alien are taken before transport to a proper facility. From there things go down hill hard and fast.

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Movie Review DDOD

In Time

Will Salas lives a future where immortality has been conquered, but time is currency. When you turn 25 you get one year to live, and have to earn more time. But for the poor, the harder you work, the more prices go up, and the more you see your friends die. Gifted with a century by a jaded rich man, Salas takes the fight to the immortal rich. The daughter of his main target falls for him, and they go become time bandits for the poor.

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Quote SO

Quote of the Week

“That of course makes me think of the Millennium Falcon, because most things do” –Joss Whedon

Best Millennium Falcon Evar

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Movie Review DDSOOO

Mars Attacks!

Martians take flight and head to earth. Convinced by a scholarly professor that their intentions are peaceful, the president arranges a meeting. Unfortunately, cultural differences and violence ensue.

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Movie Review XXXII


Jenny Hayden drinks herself to sleep to deal with the pain of her lost husband. While she lies in a stupor, an alien ship hounded by the air force crashes across the lake from her house. The alien pilot comes to Karen Allen’s house, finds some of her husband’s hair kept as a memento, grows a clone of him to inhabit, and forces her to drive him to a rendezvous in Arizona.

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Movie Review XXX

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Four friends in San Francisco become increasingly concerned about the emotional detachment and odd behavior of people close to them. They try to tell themselves that it’s crazy, but more and more they come to realize that everyone around them is being replaced by aliens.

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Movie Review XXVII

Cowboys and Aliens

Jake Lonergan wakes up in the desert not even knowing he is Jake Lonergan, with an odd, clunky bracelet attached to his arm and a wound in his gut. He is beset upon by unsavory types, and after relieving them of their lives and possessions he wanders into a one-horse town run by a former Indian fighter cum cattle rancher. Lonergan, the rancher, and the sheriff are all about to mix it up over the rancher’s son when the aliens attack and abduct half the town. The fugitive and the rancher must but aside their differences, and others besides, to get back the abducted townsfolk.

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Movie Review XXIII

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

A scientist researching Alzheimer’s cures pushes ahead with controversial research because he is obsessed with his father’s failing health. One his ape test subjects goes nuts, and the rest are ordered destroyed. But in the aftermath he finds that the ape went nuts because she was trying to protect her newborn child, who is carrying the same gene complexes given to the mother. The scientist takes the baby ape home and raises him.

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Book Review IV

The Mockingjay

By Suzanne Collins

Katniss Everdeen has survived two Hunger Games, and has been rescued by the leaders of the new rebellion against the Capitol which mandates them. She finds herself the image of the new rebellion, but chafes at the restrictions placed on her. Slowly she begins to realize that the rebellion is just another Hunger Game, and she is still a pawn being played by others. What happens when she tries to play herself?

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Book Review II

Catching Fire

In the second book of the Hunger Games, we find our hero Katniss trying to deal with the aftermath of her victory in the arena. Things are easier for her family due to the rewards of winning, but they are more difficult among her friends because of what she had to do to win. Before she can figure it all out, she finds herself plunged back into the arena again for a special 75th anniversary Hunger Games.

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