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Habit XVII

One of the parts of the Simple Method that I am using for habit formation is doing one habit at a time. It was one of things that attracted me to the system. I know from previous experience with trying to change my life that if I try to change everything at once, that I get so stressed out trying to maintain all the change that I fail to maintain the change. And that means I fail to maintain any of the changes.

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Habit XVI

It’s been about five or six weeks since I started work on my habit of getting up on time, and I thought I’d post a quick update on where I am.

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Commute II

If you’ve been following this blog you may have noticed a spike in posts the past couple of days. This is fallout from my work on changing my sleeping habits. It’s actually been working pretty well. While I had some problems in the first few weeks, I have gotten up on time without any trouble every day for the past week and a half. I am letting myself sleep an extra hour on the weekends, but only if I feel really tired (which I did last weekend).

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Habit XV

I have come to a difficult spot in my journey of habit formation. It’s not that I am having (unexpected) trouble with forming a particular habit, it’s more that there is an odd confluence of causes and effects surround the whole plan, and I am not sure how to navigate through them. It started, as I prefer, with stabbing pains in the back. What can I say, I have dark fantasies and most of them involve being stabbed in the back.

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Habit XIV

I have decided to shift things around in the master plan for habit formation. One of the key parts of the Simple Method is to adapt. If things aren’t working out, find another way to do things. Some recent events in my life have made me reconsider the priorities that informed the master plan.

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Habit XI

The Chess tactics problems habit is still chugging along after last night. It’s now up to 12 days, 85 minutes, and 146 chess problems. However I’ve been rethinking the long term plan for further habits. The problem is that in the old plan the third habit was changing my sleep patterns. Changing your sleep patterns is something the teachers of the Habit Course consider a hard habit to change. They recommend that you make a few easy habit changes first before tackling the hard ones. Of course, I’ve already conquered the hard habits of quitting smoking and quitting drugs. But that wasn’t using their method, so I’m going to try and stick (generally) to their program.

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