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Idea I

I will not deny that I am addicted to Coke (as in black soda, not white powder). When I was watching King Corn they talked about how high fructose corn syrup accounts for most of the 400 calories per liter in Coke. IIRC, the quote was “we are literally drinking our food.” I can certainly attest to that. When I tried to cut back to three sodas a day, I lost fifteen pounds. And if you know me, you know I’m not a guy with fifteen pounds to lose.

I’ve been doing pretty good lately. Maybe not the past couple days, but in general. The kind of pretty good that makes you want to shout out “Life is good!” every now and then. What I have noticed is that the point in the day when I most feel like that is after dinner. Getting fed makes me feel good.

I wonder if that’s part of my addiction to soda.

Random II

I saw a sign on the Metro that said an apple is better at waking you up than a soda. So now, everyday on the way to work, I have an apple. Then I have a soda.