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Application OO

The other day I read a discussion about Blackboard buying out two different companies. I’ve never dealt with Blackboard, but they are apparently a software company making programs for tracking students in educational institutions: entering grades for different courses and that sort of thing. What struck me was one of the comments by a user. The system was apparently a horrible pain in the butt. But two professors at the university were able to make an alternate system that performed all of the functions of the Blackboard system and was easier to use. Deja vu.

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Fumble IV

Thursday I left my netbook at work, so I couldn’t post what I wrote then. Today I got the netbook back, but I can’t find my flash drive to transfer what I wrote Thursday and today over to post it. I’ll post it all tomorrow if I have to reconnect my ethernet cable to the netbook.


Random VII

Two thoughts.

First, why is everyone worried about Friday the 13th? Friday is a nice day. I’m much more worried about Monday the 13th. Today was a perfect example.

Second, someone broke into my storage unit, and apparently decided that none of my stuff was worth stealing. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about that.

Statement XII

So I’ve gone over some of the most obvious moral restrictions derived from the Cause Principle (P6) and the Negative Derivative (D2): killing, hurting, and stealing. The next two are one I have a lot to say about and one I have very little to say about.

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Waste I

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Drugs I

Today makes twenty years since I quit drugs.

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Stuff I

As I may have mentioned, over the past two or three years I have gotten rid of 85% to 90% of the stuff I own. Why? I didn’t need it. It was bogging me down. It was getting in the way of things I wanted to do with my life. In the Habit Course I am taking, some people have started a habit of de-cluttering, and I have been sharing my experiences with getting rid of stuff to help them out.

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