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Movie Review XIX


There are over 300 registered superheroes in America. Seriously. People who dress up in costumes and go out and fight crime.

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Movie Review X

Green Lantern

Abin Sur of the Green Lantern Corps is mortally wounded facing an unknown enemy. He crash lands on earth, where his magic green ring Hal Jordan, reckless and irresponsible jet pilot, to become the heir of the greatest Green Lantern ever known. Can the new, reluctant Green Lantern overcome his fear, save the planet earth, and get the girl? Don’t bother watching the movie, it’s not worth finding out.

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Movie Review IX

X-Men: First Class

A prequel from back in the days when Professor Xavier and Magneto were friends, trying to find mutants to help stop the sadistic mutant mastermind behind the Cuban missile crisis.

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Movie Review VIII

Captain America

Wimpy, asthmatic Steve Rogers just won’t quit, whether it’s getting beat up by bullies or trying to get into the army to fight Hitler. His perseverance gets him a spot on a special team trying out for a scientific experience. His intelligence and valor wins him the chance to become the first super soldier. The experiment is a success, but a spy kills the lead scientist. One super soldier is not enough for the army, so he ends up in a traveling musical selling war bonds. Will he ever get his chance to fight for America? Of course, dummy. It’s a gorram movie!

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Movie Review V


The god of thunder is cast out of Valhalla when his recklessness reignites an ancient war. As his brother Loki schemes for the throne in Valhalla, Thor must learn humility in exile on Earth.

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