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Study OOOO

Things have not been going well with the Chess studies this week. Four things in a row went bad, causing me to reconsider the whole idea. I mean, if you’re not having fun, why do it?

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Study I

The way I have been studying is not really working out. This is not a big surprise. I knew when I created the plan that it was perhaps overly detailed and probably more than I could chew. But I thought it was a good plan, and I figured that the best way to find the problems with the plan was to try and actually implement it. So here I am, two months down the road. I think I understand the problem with the plan, and it’s not the one I expected.

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Tactics I

Today I faced my toughest Chess problem since I started doing tactics problems again, at least by the problem’s rating. The problem was rated 1620.7. I was rated 1533.17. That gave me an estimated 37.7% chance of getting the correct answer. I got it.

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Habit III

Today was the first day of actually doing my new habit. Almost everything went perfectly. I remembered to do it right after dinner, and then did it right after dinner. I did bobble a bit by not logging in first and doing a few problems in guest mode. But then I got my five minutes of problems done. I got four out of seven right. My tactics rating dropped 20 points, but given that I haven’t worked on my game since August that is not surprising. Afterwords I gave my self the positive reinforcement of an Almond Joy.

There was one really cool problem that I failed:


White to move. Pawn to f4 mates. The en passant capture by the pawn on e4 is stopped because the pawn is pinned by the rook on e2.

One problem I did notice was related to my expected obstacle: feeling bad when I do poorly. Four for seven is not that good. Again, I’m out of practice, so it’s reasonable in context. I didn’t feel bad about it posting the first time, which was to the habit course forums. Then I posted it to the Chess site forums. Then when I posted it here I started feeling bad about it. I’m not feeling that bad about it, so I’m not going to worry about it right now. But it’s something to keep an eye on.