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Tag: thriller

Movie Review XXIX

Echelon Conspiracy

When he gets back to his hotel after consulting on some computer security in Bangkok, Max finds an unexpected package waiting for him at the front desk. Inside is a mysterious cell phone. Text messages start to come in, giving him advice that turns out to be eerily good. Soon enough he has hit men, G-men, and No Such Men chasing him around the world, trying to find out who is sending him those text messages.

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Movie Review XXVI

The Perfect Host

John Taylor is not having the best day of his life. Wounded after a bank robbery, he gets mugged and loses his wallet. Unable to convince an old woman he’s a Jehovah’s Witness, he rifles through some mail and manages to con his way into Warwick Wilson’s dinner party. As it turns out, he picked the wrong dinner party to con his way into.

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