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Excellent OOO

Today was another one of those awesome days that makes me want to go out on the balcony and scream “It’s a wonderful life!” However, I don’t think my neighbors would agree with me, so I do my best to restrain myself.

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Idea OOO

Last Friday was another one of those excellent days. Part of it was that I managed to solve a tricky problem (determine the probably a person was on a certain type of vehicle depending on the characteristics of that person). Mostly it was the work I’m doing on my new search program to deal with Sharp Floor. The program is mostly done, although I keep thinking of things that need to be implemented. So I’m mostly working on the documentation. This is the thing that the contractors for Sharp Floor built their business plan around avoiding, and it made my day.

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Web I

If you are following my series of statement posts about what I believe in, I just put together an index of all of the statements, with links to the posts the statements are detailed in. You can get it here, or you can click on the “STATEMENTS” link at the top of the page.

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