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Movie Review XXVII

Cowboys and Aliens

Jake Lonergan wakes up in the desert not even knowing he is Jake Lonergan, with an odd, clunky bracelet attached to his arm and a wound in his gut. He is beset upon by unsavory types, and after relieving them of their lives and possessions he wanders into a one-horse town run by a former Indian fighter cum cattle rancher. Lonergan, the rancher, and the sheriff are all about to mix it up over the rancher’s son when the aliens attack and abduct half the town. The fugitive and the rancher must but aside their differences, and others besides, to get back the abducted townsfolk.

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Movie Review XXII

Billy Jack

Half-Indian Vietnam war veteran Billy Jack hides out on the Indian reservation, stopping poachers from killing wild horses for dog meat, and defending the students of the hippy-dippy school on the res from the prejudices of conservative White Midwesterners. Things start to escalate as the daughter of a local sheriff’s deputy flees to the school to evade her father’s beatings, exacerbated by a violent encounter between Billy Jack and some locals harassing students. But all Billy Jack knows is escalation, so how are things going to end?

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Movie Review IV

The Warrior’s Way

A samurai assassin completes his quest to kill the last member of a rival clan, only to find it is a baby. Rather than kill a baby he flees with it to the American west, holing up in a small town with a ruined carnival. But the town has enemies of it’s own, and as they close in the samurai’s clan are right behind them, looking for revenge.

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