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Fumble OS

I’m giving up on Chess.

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Dream SO

I’m coming back to work from China Express and I see Tall Needle talking to two very pretty black women outside the office building. I want to know if it’s possible to beat someone to death with a lady’s boot. I go up to the ladies and say hello to Tall Needle, and she introduces me to the other women. I am forced to engage with some small talk with them before I can ask about the beating me to death with their boots. As I ask the question I check out their boots, which all have big, clunky soles and heels, not the spiked heels I was expecting. Tall Needle makes a lame excuse and leaves without answering the question. I talk to the two black ladies for a little while and head back into the office.

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Application OO

The other day I read a discussion about Blackboard buying out two different companies. I’ve never dealt with Blackboard, but they are apparently a software company making programs for tracking students in educational institutions: entering grades for different courses and that sort of thing. What struck me was one of the comments by a user. The system was apparently a horrible pain in the butt. But two professors at the university were able to make an alternate system that performed all of the functions of the Blackboard system and was easier to use. Deja vu.

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Data OOO

I am now one week in to my new exercise habit. As usual, I am starting out small with streching, pushups and crunches. Now that it’s been one week I will ramp it up and add bicycling afterwards. But more importantly, I am also one week into my Quantified Self habit of collecting data on myself.

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Dream S

I screwed up at work so they have me working retail at a convention to make up for it. Our booth is like a yard sale table on the side of Rose Hill Drive, which everyone uses to drive out of the convention. I’m working there with the younger of my two sisters, my brother, and Possible Substance. It’s Possible Substance’s fault that I screwed things up at work, and I’m still mad at him.

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Excellent II

Yesterday started out pretty well. Since I’ve been getting up in good order of late (although I bobbled today), I was the first person in the office besides my supervisor. He took that as an opportunity to drag me into my interim performance review. These usually go well for me. I’m not one of the slackers, my programming efforts are central to my division’s work, and I keep up to date on all the software we’re using so I’m the SharePoint/SAS/Sharp Floor guru. However, this was the first time the word “brilliance” has ever been used in one of my performance review. Personally, I think that was a little over the top; but I am working on graciously accepting praise.

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Dream IV

I was wandering around the office trying to find my cubicle. I kept going through the wrong door and barging in on people who were trying to have meetings. Eventually I ran into (codename) Bent Test, who was sitting at a receptionist’s desk with some other people. That’s when I realized I was on the 7th floor and needed to get to the 6th. “You can’t open any of the doors,” he said conspiratorially. “It’s a lock down. She came down here,” he said, referring to the chairman. I told him I was confused, because I had been getting through the electronic locks with my ID.

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Random VI

There was a fire alarm at work today on the fifth floor. You could just barely hear it in my cube on the sixth floor. So they evacuated. The fifth floor. So we’re all standing on the sixth floor, looking down at the people from the fifth floor who are now outside, wondering what happens if there really is a fire on the fifth floor.

Waste I

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Venting IV

This is not really a venting post, it’s more of a worrying post, but it fits in with the previous venting posts, so I’m going to roll with it. As you might have guessed, it’s about the new Sharp Floor system at work. I found a new bug with it today. Actually, I found two new bugs with it today, but one of them is so much more worrisome that I’ve forgotten what the other one is.

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