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Amalgamation III

Now that I am working on the blog during my commute, the speed of posting has sped up. The first month of this blog I posted about two posts a day. That was probably just pent up verbiage, and after that it evened out to about two posts every three days. Since I have started writing up blog posts on the train, that ratio has flipped. Now I’m posting about three posts every two days. That brings to mind the question of what my readers (current or potential) want.

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Statement XII

So I’ve gone over some of the most obvious moral restrictions derived from the Cause Principle (P6) and the Negative Derivative (D2): killing, hurting, and stealing. The next two are one I have a lot to say about and one I have very little to say about.

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Statement IX

Up until now I have been dealing with the existence and nature of God. In some ways, it’s not really important what God is like. When I was first searching for God, I came up with this whole mythology out of whole cloth. It wasn’t a mythology that fit the facts, it was a mythology that fit what I wanted to believe in. It wasn’t long before I realized how empty and hollow that mythology was, and the whole experience left me with a distrust of metaphysics. I used to say (and still do) that you don’t do the right thing because people will like us for it, and you don’t do  the right thing because some old guy will let you live in his garden forever, you do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

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Statement VII

Principle 4: God is All (The Pervasive Principle)

The unity of all things postulated in the Unity Principle (P3) is God. God is the unity of all things. I came to this conclusion soon after my experience of the unity of all things. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the unity of all things was exactly what I had postulated God to be oh so long ago. Something beyond our normal experience and at the same time beyond our understanding. The unity of all things was the God I had been looking for.

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Statement VI

Corollary 3-3: Hurting Others Hurts Us (The Hippocratic Corollary)

If all is one (The Unity Principle, P3), then we are one with each other. And if we are one with each other then when we hurt others we are at the same time hurting ourselves. It is one and the same action. As part of my Zen practice I try to pay attention to my life as I live it. When I have done this while hurting others I have seen (really more felt) this equal and opposite reaction in effect. Therefore I try to live in accordance with the Hippocratic oath and “abstain from doing harm.”

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Statement V

Last time I talked about the Unity Principle (P3), that all is really one, and the distinctions we make between individual objects exist only in our mind. This is a pretty big principle and there is a lot that follows from it. This post is about the things that directly follow from it. This post is about two are kind of obvious, but bear mentioning. The next statement post will be about two are not so obvious, but are incredibly important (at least in my belief system).

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Statement IV

Principle 3: All is One (The Unity Principle)

Everything that we think of as separate objects is really one thing. The divisions that exist between different things exist only in our mind. When we can get past the mental constructs that divide our reality, we can see that it is really all one thing.

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Statement II

Principle 2: God is Beyond Our Understanding (The Ineffability Principle)

So there I was, believing in a miracle after rejecting my culture’s explanations for such things. Hell, I was even rejecting my culture’s common perception of what the miracle was. Besides, I was (am?) too stubborn to give in on a point like that. So I was left looking elsewhere for answers. And looking around, I saw a veritable cornucopia of religions. How could I determine which one was true?

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Meditation III

My favorite Zen teacher is Brad Warner (sorry, the Wikipedia page for him is not Scottish). It was his book Hardcore Zen that dragged me from the depths of a spiritual crisis that led me abandon Quakerism for years of Zen meditation that brought me back to Quakerism. Today he wrote a post proclaiming that sitting in a chair is not zazen. According to him zazen is a physical practice, and it requires sitting with your knees on the floor.

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