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Food III

Today I sent the following object and the following letter to the Martin’s Potato Chip Company.

Unidentified Brown Object

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Habit VIII

Day six, and five more minutes of Chess problems done. Finished 11 problems today: 9 correct, 1 too slow (no, I did not see the mate in less than 6.9 seconds ;)). The only problem today was needing to go to the bathroom really bad in the middle of the five minutes. But I guess that’s another thing the five minutes helps with. It was even a bit easier than usual since it was a weekend. I had been working on the computer all day and just left it running while I ate dinner. That way I didn’t even have to boot it up before doing my problems.

Last night was more interesting, I was just in too much of a zombie mode to notice it until this morning. As I said yesterday, I managed to do my habit but I failed to do another habit I had started a couple months before the course (exercising, last night I was supposed to do 42 pushups). The course I’m taking emphasizes having a trigger that causes you to do the habit. I have a trigger for exercising, even though I didn’t realize it was a trigger until I started taking the course. I usually meditate before dinner, and so I exercise before I meditate. The thing is that dinner at 7:00 is one my anchors, another thing talked about in the course. Anchors can be good in providing you stability, allowing you to take risks more comfortably. What they don’t talk about in the course is that when the anchor itself gets disrupted it’s like getting your legs kicked out from under you. I was going to get home late last night, so rather than disrupt my anchor I meditated on the train. This is a tactic I developed to keep the meditation going without disrupting the anchor. But that meant I didn’t have my trigger for the exercise. Even in zombie mode I probably would have done the exercise with the trigger, but without it I just shambled on past exercise to my dinner. (No, dinner was not brains. But it was macaroni with turkey sauce, which is a reasonable facsimile).

Habit VII

I got five more minutes in today, and did ten more problems. I consider it near miraculous that I did. I got in to work late today and work paid me back by being an utter and complete pain in the ass. I came home like a zombie. I’m lucky I remembered to eat dinner tonight, much less play Chess. I’m going to take the rest of the night off and let the zombiness ooze into the couch.