zen quaker

A self quanitified zen quaker statistical programmer stumbles through a blog

Fumble IV

Thursday I left my netbook at work, so I couldn’t post what I wrote then. Today I got the netbook back, but I can’t find my flash drive to transfer what I wrote Thursday and today over to post it. I’ll post it all tomorrow if I have to reconnect my ethernet cable to the netbook.



Study III

One of the thing you are supposed to study for Chess is visualization. That’s what they call being able to see what the board will look like three moves into the future. Like many things in Chess you can build visualization up from small pieces. First you learn to be able to tell what color a square is without looking at it, and then which diagonals it is on, and so on. Being a programmer, I wrote a computer program to generate random visualization questions for me to answer. In a fit of originality I decided to call it Visualizer. I’ve set up a page for it here on WordPress, and one at the pygame site (since I wrote it in Python and pygame).

Spam II

I can’t wait until Google swallows everything there is to know about me and starts sending me targeted advertising 24/7. At least then I won’t get spam about young driver insurance. Yo! I’m not young and I barely ever drive!

Fumble III

I know I implied there would be a lot more posts coming, but things did not work out as planned today. I had thought I had a number of issues resolved that would allow me to move forward with the next Statement post, but working on it both to and from work only convinced me I was wrong. Tomorrow I promised to attempt less intellectually challenging matters, such as my Conan the Barbarian review.

Fumble II

This morning I mistakenly put my underwear on backwards. The day wasn’t getting any better after that, but I managed to pull it out at the end of the day. I got probably my best ever performance at Chess tactics (23 out of 23 correct), and while I didn’t do so well at visualization, I did manage to play a live game and win it (even if I did mistakenly make it a blitz game).

Random VI

There was a fire alarm at work today on the fifth floor. You could just barely hear it in my cube on the sixth floor. So they evacuated. The fifth floor. So we’re all standing on the sixth floor, looking down at the people from the fifth floor who are now outside, wondering what happens if there really is a fire on the fifth floor.

Quote VI

Quote of the week: “My colleagues, they study artificial intelligence. Me? I study natural stupidity.” -Amos Tversky, behavioral economist

Mom I

I went down to Charlottesville to do celebrate Christmas with the family. I drove back up to night, after promising my Mom that I would let her know that I got home safely.

Hi Mom! I got home safely.

Quote V

Bumper sticker of the week: “Many who seek Jesus at the 11th hour die at 10:30.”

Spam I

It’s always nice when one of the commenters on my blog tells me I’m incredible. It would be even nicer if it wasn’t one of the spam comments, but I’ll take what I can get.