I am a Zen Buddhist and a Quaker. Much of my life is about exploring these two perspectives on reality, and how they work together. I am also a statistician. That is really an outgrowth of my analytical nature, so much of my life is about analyzing things. My main passion is games. Not computer games, but board games, card games, and roleplaying games. These days this passion is expressed by playing Chess online. My other passion is programming. Python is my language of choice, but I have to use SAS at work, and I’m teaching myself web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP) to broaden my horizons. I’ve also done significant work in R, C++, Java, VBA, Lisp, and several other obsolete languages.

Possibly Asked Questions (PAQ)

I mean, how frequently are frequently asked questions asked?

  • What are those odd letters next to the tiles of your posts? Ichabod Numerals.
  • What are those pluses and minuses in your movie reviews? It’s just how I rate movies.