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Dream SO

I’m coming back to work from China Express and I see Tall Needle talking to two very pretty black women outside the office building. I want to know if it’s possible to beat someone to death with a lady’s boot. I go up to the ladies and say hello to Tall Needle, and she introduces me to the other women. I am forced to engage with some small talk with them before I can ask about the beating me to death with their boots. As I ask the question I check out their boots, which all have big, clunky soles and heels, not the spiked heels I was expecting. Tall Needle makes a lame excuse and leaves without answering the question. I talk to the two black ladies for a little while and head back into the office.

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Women OOO

On the way out of work today I saw Tall Needle talking on the phone. We’ve generally agreed to be friends, but I don’t think she really wants to be friends. She just wants to not deal with what happened between us. I went along with it because I don’t see any point in causing her more suffering. But today it was pretty obvious she was talking to her new boyfriend on the phone, and it hurt.

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Statement XII

So I’ve gone over some of the most obvious moral restrictions derived from the Cause Principle (P6) and the Negative Derivative (D2): killing, hurting, and stealing. The next two are one I have a lot to say about and one I have very little to say about.

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Dream IV

I was wandering around the office trying to find my cubicle. I kept going through the wrong door and barging in on people who were trying to have meetings. Eventually I ran into (codename) Bent Test, who was sitting at a receptionist’s desk with some other people. That’s when I realized I was on the 7th floor and needed to get to the 6th. “You can’t open any of the doors,” he said conspiratorially. “It’s a lock down. She came down here,” he said, referring to the chairman. I told him I was confused, because I had been getting through the electronic locks with my ID.

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Dream III

I got on the elevator in a fancy hotel. I hit the button for the lobby. Under the buttons was a screen that showed different information depending on which button you press. It was showing me the three worst professions in the world. A couple floors later a guy and a girl get on. The guy’s shirt is open half way down, and he’s wearing a wool sport coat. His hair is dark and stylishly long. The woman is beautiful, with short blond hair, and a short, tight, strapless blue dress. They see the screen and joke about lawyers being right at the top.

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Women II

Wednesday at work I was talking to some people. While we were all chatting about clouds, Thanksgiving, and Sharp Floor, Tall Needle walked around the corner. I have talked about Tall Needle before in the post Women I, but WordPress is not letting me insert hyper links today, so I can’t give it to you in one click.

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Code Names

I used to have a blog called Ichabod’s Secret Blog. I never told anyone about it, but I found it very useful for saving my thoughts and venting about work. The problem was that I forgot that I had left it open to search engines. Someone found my blog by doing a web search, and found some things I had written about women at work. One was just my feelings about a relationship I’d had with a woman at work. Another was a random comment I made about a woman I saw at work, but didn’t really know. Neither of these things I would have ever said at work. The first was private, and the second was inappropriate. I just thought I was saying them to myself, but as I mentioned they were found in a web search. Once they were found, they made their way to the executive director’s office at work, and I nearly lost my job.

That had a chilling effect on me blogging for a while, and I went back to paper and pen. But a blog, especially on WordPress, offers more opportunities than a three ring binder and a clip board. So I started this blog. However, having learned my lesson, I have not mentioned a single person’s name at work. I have been trying to keep it kind of vague. Vague only works for so long. It so gets confusing who I’m talking about, that I get confused as to who I am talking about. So I’m going to start giving people code names. So you’ll know that there person I’m talking about in a post this week is the same person I talked about in a post last week, even if you have no idea who that person is.

So I wrote a program that generates random two word code names, like Feeble Face and Iron Smell. Whenever I need one, I will generate ten at random, and pick the one that I think best fits the person it is for. There are 167,670 possible different names, so it should be a while before I run out.