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Habit DSOO

I have a rich fantasy life. I always think it developed in my childhood. I remember the Time-Life series on the Ages of History: one of those 20 book sets you bought one at a time. The one that always captivated me was the the Age of Exploration. The part on Africa always gave me nightmares, though. It had pictures of the strange men that the Europeans of that time believed lived in Africa: men with one leg, or men with no head and a face on their chest. When I had nightmares my parents told me to think about something else, so I started fantasizing things before bed. That grew into fantasizing all the time, perhaps in response to other things going on in my family.

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Movie Review XXIV

Conan the Barbarian (2011)

Young Conan of Cimmeria is the best of the young warriors. This avails him not when the howling raiders come to his town seeking fragments of an ancient artifact. After he is left the sole survivor of the village, he begins a wandering life as a thief, a rogue, and a pirate. But always he searches for the slavers who killed his family.

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Movie Review VI

Troll Hunter

A group of university students are trying to film a documentary about the notorious bear poacher Hans. Stymied by his refusal to talk to him, they follow him into the woods one night and find far more than they were expecting.

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Movie Review III

Season of the Witch

Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman star as medieval knights named Behmen and Felson, two of the best on the European side of the Crusades. When they find that the Holy War is perhaps a bit less holy than they expected, they desert and become wanted fugitives. Captured, they must redeem themselves by transporting the witch accused with causing the Black Plague to the only monastery containing the Book of Solomon, which can destroy her power. Read the rest of this entry »